If we don’t tell our own stories nobody will

Kampala day 2. If we don’t tell our own stories nobody will. The slogan of Maisha Film Lab  says it all. Here is a group of people who know what they want, tell their own stories and create their own unique image. I feel we as Ugandans and Africans are being judged. There are so … Continue reading

Democratic or non-democratic – good service delivery builds a loyal customer base

Kigali day 2. Interview with Minister of Finance Mr. John Rwangombwa, a tall, no-nonsense looking man who has worked at all levels in Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and knows the system inside out. I have sent my questions in advance to the Minister, and we have hardly sat down in his office before … Continue reading

Whizzing around Nairobi with Roselyne

Nairobi day 1: Bad choice to exchange to USD, should have been Euros. The immigration officers accepts the USD for the visa (of course) but he would definitely have preferred the more stable Euros. Silly of me to even consider these American Dollars. Each time I have been in Nairobi during the past five years … Continue reading

Fra bonde til marked: kenyanske IT-kvinder skaber forbindelsen

U-landsnyt.dk 13. juni 2011. Stribevis af mellemhandlere og gate-keepers er medvirkende til at kenyanske småbønder har svært ved at afsætte deres afgrøder til en rimelig pris. Derfor har tre kvindelige nørder udviklet M-Farm, som skaber direkte forbindelse mellem bønderne og deres marked. “Hvis danskerne gerne vil støtte Afrika, så behøver de altså ikke give os … Continue reading