Never on the slippery slopes of Naguru Hill

It is about 6.30pm and I am waiting for Daudi Karungi outside his gallery Afriart. Afriart is located near Kira Rd Police Station at the bottom of Naguru Hill. According to the gossip in town, in the late 90s – early 2000s Naguru Hill used to be a site frequently toured by top politicians in … Continue reading

UG scores top in entrepreneurial start-ups – and failures

Kampala day 4. In the annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, GEM reports, measuring entrepreneurship in 59 countries, Uganda is consistently among the top three countries in the Total Early-Stage Entrepreneurship TEA index. Paradoxically the GEM report also indicates that Uganda has the highest score in the Discontinuation of Businesses rankings. The GEM reports, are made by … Continue reading

If we don’t tell our own stories nobody will

Kampala day 2. If we don’t tell our own stories nobody will. The slogan of Maisha Film Lab  says it all. Here is a group of people who know what they want, tell their own stories and create their own unique image. I feel we as Ugandans and Africans are being judged. There are so … Continue reading

Is the time for change getting any closer?

Kampala day 1. Since I arrived in Nairobi two weeks ago and put my Ugandan sim card in my phone I had received Ugandan sms news updates. The updates were rather disturbing, one disaster after another occurring in all walks of life from climate change,  natural disasters and food shortage to bad governance and simple … Continue reading

Østafrikas kvinder står bag kameraet

Pumzi PR foto

              De sidste par år er Østafrikas mest banebrydende nye filmproduktioner blevet lavet af kvinder. Og kvinderne nøjes ikke med at lave filmene, de åbner også deres egne filmstudier og producerer i eget navn. Anledningen er lanceringen af filmen Imani og stedet er restauranten Boda-Boda, som henvender sig til … Continue reading