45km from Kigali and the pigs listen to music

Kigali day 4: I am at Urwibutso Enterprise in Nyirangiarama 45 km from Kigali and roughly 100 km from Gisenyi, which lies on the way to Goma, Congo. Its early morning and travellers are queuing up in the boutique. They have stopped to buy strawberry or passion juice, bread, muffins and some small doughnuts called Urwibutso. … Continue reading

Education with IT: Of course we will get there

Kigali day 3: When the project labour began for the laying of the optic fibre cables many people wondered why prioritize this. In a country where the poverty level in 2005 was 56,7% and with a and low electricity penetration of only 9% how could it make any sense to start wiring up the country? … Continue reading

Democratic or non-democratic – good service delivery builds a loyal customer base

Kigali day 2. Interview with Minister of Finance Mr. John Rwangombwa, a tall, no-nonsense looking man who has worked at all levels in Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and knows the system inside out. I have sent my questions in advance to the Minister, and we have hardly sat down in his office before … Continue reading

Kigali a bit like Kampala in 90s

Kigali day 1: Forgive me for feeling Kigala anno 2011 is a bit like Kampala 1992-98. Ok, the airport is much bigger, much more modern and efficient than Entebbe in 1992.  The construction ongoing everywhere in the city is also much more advanced. The shops are full of goods, not like the shops in early … Continue reading

Rwandas fremgang imponerer

Det går godt i Rwanda. I nabolandet Uganda hører man hele tiden om Rwandas vækst, om investeringerne i infrastrukturen, skole- og sundhedssystemet og om nultolerancen overfor korruption. 1994 og folkedrabet er ikke det som står øverst når de ugandiske medier rapporterer fra Rwanda. Det gør til gengæld den økonomiske vækst på over 6 pct. og … Continue reading